7 Tips For Having Good Hair Days Always

8 Tips For Having Good Hair Days Always

Many women dread bad hair days more than anything else. When you wake up in the morning on a bad hair day, it is like you are living this horrible nightmare and you wish you could go back to sleep. Any amount of hair spray doesn’t seem to work, and finally you tie your hair into this untidy bun and leave. It is not possible to have a good hair day almost everyday, right? Wrong! You can surely have an absolutely good manageable hair day almost daily with a few take care tips from us. Here are 8 tips to have beautiful hair day in day out.

1. Keep it covered while travelling

When you’re walking on the roads, your hair is prone to accumulate dust. Similarly smoke and the pollution in the atmosphere is really bad for your beautiful locks. As a result, you have to wash your hair almost everyday. Skip the nonsense and tie your hair into a bun or tie a scarf around your head to cover your hair while traveling.

2. Avoid the sun

The harmful rays of the sun can cause your hair to turn grey before time and sometimes lead to breakage. Hence, as far as possible, avoid the afternoon sun. If you have to step out in the afternoon, carry an umbrella, wear a hat or cover your hair using a scarf.

3. Wash it regularly

Dirty, heavy hair and an oily scalp don’t look good at all. Apart from the fact that it is unhygienic, not washing your hair regularly can also cause breakage. The first step to beautiful hair is clean hair. So, see that you wash your hair regularly.

4. Use a good conditioner

Many a times, women tend to skip the conditioner routine after they shampoo. However, this causes your hair to become rough and difficult to manage. A good conditioner makes it so much easier. Always condition your hair ends after you shampoo and see the difference.

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