7 Things You Should Not Tell Your Boyfriend

7 Things You Should Not Tell Your Boyfriend

Good relationships are open and spontaneous. They make you feel like you can tell your man everything and anything. Agreed, you cannot wait to talk about that silly little thing which came to your mind, but pause before you blurt it all out. Because, even the best of relationships need careful handling and good timing. Are you curious about what can sour your perfectly sweet, absolutely awesome relationship? Then here are the seven things you should never tell your boyfriend about.

1. He wasn’t amazing in bed

Honesty is the best policy, yes, but practicing discretion is even better. Men like to think they are the best lover their girlfriend has ever had. Ever noticed the satisfaction on a man’s face when his girl orgasms? Exactly! That’s how a man assesses self worth and how you make him feel. On a certain night, even though you feel he wasn’t really up to the game, don’t just tell him straightforward, rather gently trigger his fancy with, “You know what would be real fun?” and suggest your heart’s desire.

2. You don’t like his mom

Some things are simply off limits even if you seem to be joined at the hip after two years together. One such is, his mom. No matter how difficult you find her, never ever tell that to your man. Always remember, she was the first woman in his life even before he knew what a woman was, just like your dad in your life. Unless your guy dislikes his mom himself, you’ll never be able to make sense. Treat that sonny-mommy area to be sacred. If you aren’t invited in, gently walk away to give your man space. He will love and respect you for knowing where to let go.

3. Recalling moments spent with your ex

Yes there can be similarities. Just like girls love nail polish, most men like video-games, and they would give their girlfriend a slip if they can while playing. Now this was an over simplified example, but there could be many more complex ones which can feel like a deja vu. Point is, there could be several moments with your partner which you might have spent with your ex in the similar fashion. That doesn’t mean you can dig up the old graves. Even if it’s a good or a bad coincidence, refrain from mentioning it to your ex. Recalling those moments spent with your ex would make your boyfriend feel that either you are still hung up on your ex, or you are comparing them. Either way, this would hurt his ego or his love for you in more ways than you can imagine.

4. Am I fat?

All guys hate to hear this. If he says, “you are” he risks a row and “you don’t find me attractive anymore” tirade. If he says “you aren’t” when you evidently are, you will call him a liar. So, no matter how honest the relationship is you want to avoid this quicksand. In the worst case scenario, he’ll start noticing those hints of cellulites he never noticed before. So practice discretion. At the end of the day, he likes you for whatever you are. Don’t sweat on unimportant things.

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