7 Things You Should Know About Hysterectomy

5. Effect on ovaries

Ovaries are important reproductive organs in women and a hysterectomy directly impacts a woman’s ovaries. When a woman is well under her menopausal age, ovaries are not likely to be removed during a hysterectomy unless a cancerous growth is diagnosed or a woman has a strong family history of ovarian cancer. If such a growth is detected in a woman, her ovaries may have to be removed and she may be recommended hormonal replacement therapy.

6. Possible complications during surgery

There is always an impending risk during surgery of any kind. Hysterectomies are no different as they also pose a few possible risks which include wound infections, excessive bleeding, bladder or uterine injury, clotting in legs, bowel injuries or blood vessel rupture. It is important to note that risks and complications associated with abdominal hysterectomies depend from case to case.

7. Post-operative care

If you have undergone a hysterectomy, you should follow the guidelines given by your doctor and take enough post-operative care. Make sure that you don’t lift heavy weights after your surgery. Take enough rest, drink plenty of water to avoid constipation and follow the exercise routine as suggested by your doctor for speedy recovery.

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