7 Things You Must Know About Him Before You Get Married

Things You Must Know About Him Before You Get Married

You should know as much as you possibly can about your boyfriend before you get married to him. This includes his likes and dislikes, his family and his habits among many other things. Do you know the following things about your boyfriend? Read on to find out.

1. His previous relationships

One of the most important things that you need to know about your boyfriend before getting married to him is his relationship history. You may or may not know the details of the girls he dated before you, but you should at least know about the number of relationships he was in, and why they ended. Your boyfriend must come clean to you about his exes. If you get to know about his past after you get married, there may be a lot of arguments and confusion later on.

2. His blood report

Many find it strange to get each other’s blood checked before they tie the knot. The reason for doing this is not to doubt each other for having any disease, but to rule out any infections or unwanted results that could cause trouble later in life. You may have to put a stone on your heart while doing this, but is important to know your boyfriend’s blood report before you get married.

3. Character history

Character history is not like a blood report that you may get to know about in a day’s time. This is something that you should know about your boyfriend since the time you started dating him seriously. A character history includes knowing whether your boyfriend has ever been to jail or not, whether he has done drugs or whether he has been expelled from his college or workplace for any reason, among a range of other things. This can give you a vague idea about your boyfriend’s past life and experiences.

4. His family background

When you get married to your boyfriend, you will become a part of a new family, and you may have to interact with your in-laws often. It will be helpful for you to know a little about your boyfriend’s family so that you have a background of what they are like, and you know what you can expect when you are with them. If you don’t know much about his family yet, start now.

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