7 Things Women Should Know About Relationships

7 Things Women Should Know About Relationships

No one is an expert as far as relationships are concerned – irrespective of whether one is a man or a woman. But there are certain things which both men and women should keep in mind while in a relationship. Especially women should be aware of a number of facts which largely affect the relationship they are in. Listed here are 7 essential things women should know about relationships:

1. Men can also be just friends

If you think you are in a relationship, reconsider before being absolutely sure about it. Remember that the statement ‘a man and a woman can never be friends’ is bogus, because men and women can be friends and very good friends at that. Just because a man is very friendly with you, it does not mean that he is interested in having a serious relationship with you – he may only want to be a good friend.

2. He loves you even without your makeup

Your boyfriend/husband does not love you only because of the way you look. It may be one of the reasons – but it is never the only reason. Wear minimal makeup when you go out because excessive makeup mars your natural beauty which is a major put-off. Just go with nominal makeup for a day and see how your man responds to you.

3. He does not like checking up

Checking up is not a way of showing how much you care for him. Remember that you are not expected to always keep a tab on someone you love for love is meant to be built on the foundation of trust. Continuous checking up to verify his whereabouts makes it obvious that you are insecure and do not trust him.

4. Giggling embarrasses him

Giggling might be cute but it is also embarrassing, particularly when you are with your boyfriend/husband. When you giggle, he is unsure how he should react, because people turn their faces to look at you and he feels stupid as he is staring around blankly hesitant about what to do.

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