7 Things Women Outdo Men In

5. Cleaning

The female clan is much cleaner than their male counterparts. Not only do they maintain personal hygiene in a better manner, but they also keep their surroundings clean and are less messy by nature. No wonder, one sees so much difference in the cleanliness levels between a bachelor pad and a married man’s home.

6. Studies

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that although there are more literate men in the world, among the whole literate population, women have overdone the men by better marks. We are more intelligent creatures and are more sincere, which shows in our marks.

7. Longevity

This last one is an unfair but true advantage that women have over men. It is a fact that women, on an average, live longer than men by at least a decade. The menstruation cycle and structure of women prevent most of them from contracting heart and related diseases which are common causes for the expiries of men. The estrogen in women makes their immune systems much stronger than those of men.

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