7 Things Women Outdo Men In

7 Things Women Outdo Men In

We women know that we are better than men, in most things at least. Females are complicated creatures but that’s what makes them interesting and better than the males. Here are 7 out of the many things that ladies outdo the guys in by leaps and bounds.

1. Multitasking

The number one thing that women are better than men at is multitasking. While women can deftly manage a career as well as a household, men are comparably quite incapable in doing so. Not only such major stuff, but even small things like being able to cook, while talking on the phone and overseeing what the kid is doing, can be handled ably by women. Like a famous quote goes, ‘No one ever asked a man how he will manage a home and a career after marriage.’

2. Taking care of children

The child rearing responsibility mostly falls on the one who gave him or her birth because ladies are naturally better with children than men are. While most dads come across as either fun loving or strict, women can be a pleasant and apt combination of both, that is a parent and a friend. Kids feel better and more comfortable in female company.

3. Teaching

Teaching is a field that is dominated by women. Women are better able to connect to their students and explain to them than men since they possess better social skills than the men. Also, children are able to connect better with women than men.

4. Grooming

There are far better looking women than men and this is simply because women know how to look their best, that is, they know how to groom. Most men are sloppy with their appearances, bad dressers and don’t have much fashion sense. Hence women are better eye candies.

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