7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Going for a School Reunion

7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Going for a School Reunion

School reunions are events for which people always get excited about just like some festival. After all, it is quite an exciting thing to be meeting people who were once your friends, acquaintances and probably enemies after a long period of time, and knowing what they are doing with their respective lives. If you have a school reunion coming up and are all at sea about what to do, then don’t hesitate girl, go for it and follow these important tips.

1. Get your dressing right

Dress up the way you would for a girly lunch or a formal dinner. Many people get so caught up with the prospect of a school reunion that they over do their appearances in order to look like the best person in the room and finally ‘show’ their ex peers how nicely they have maintained themselves over the years. Do not go over board with the hair, makeup and dress. Consult your current best friend after you have decided upon your appearance as she would be the best person to decide whether you are being yourself or not.

2. Contact someone from school and go with them

If you haven’t been in touch with anyone from your school and don’t have a partner to take along, then it would be a good decision to contact someone from school who was a good friend so that you can go with them. It is not really a good idea to go alone unless you are an extrovert as you will only end up feeling awkward. Besides, in these days and age of social networking sites, it is quite easy to get in touch with anyone.

3. Forget old grudges

The most important thing to keep in mind before going for a reunion is that you should forget old grudges. Be cordial with one and all because although it is a school reunion, behaving like a vengeful school kid isn’t going to work in your favor. Be nice to the one who bullied you or the one you bullied, to the popular girl who was oh so bitchy and to the class nerd whom everyone would shun. Maintain a firm foothold in your life today and resist falling back into your perceived social standing, whether you were a wallflower or the head cheerleader.

4. Don’t have a fixed image of people in your mind

You may associate the class fool with being an unsuccessful boor, the popular girls as being useless gold diggers and the fatso guy everyone made fun of to be a mid life crisis suffering loner. Harbor no such expectations and make your mind a clean slate before heading for that reunion. People change drastically, personally as well as professionally, so it’s best to meet them without any prejudices or set images in mind.

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