7 Things Not To Do On Vacation

7 Things Not To Do On Vacation

Well, everyone knows what one ought to do when out on a vacation. So, we decided to list down some things which one should never do on a vacation. Check them out.

1. Never vacation unplanned or unprepared

Impromptu vacation sound fun but just imagine heading to the tropics with winter wear. Plan your vacation in well in advance. Check the weather before you leave. In other words, know where you are heading and be prepared. Small things like these can make the vacation experience a whole lot better.

2. Never travel with heavy baggage

The most important no-no while traveling is heavy baggage. Remember, it is you who is traveling and not your luggage. Take only what is necessary and travel light. Cut out as much weight as possible, this makes traveling easier for you and also saves on space.

3. Never break laws

Breaking rules in a foreign land can land you in all sorts of trouble. Certain countries resort to strict punishments. Make sure you comply with all the rules of the place you are holidaying in. One wrong move and your bed from the hotel room can shift to the cell. Respect them for welcoming you.

4. Never lose identification proof

Identification while traveling is the most important. Losing your originals can cause trouble. Make sure you have a set of copies of the original identification proofs (passport, driver’s license, etc).

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