7 Things Newlyweds Experience for the First Time

7 Things Newlyweds Experience For The First Time

The “Just married” feeling gives newly weds a high, and they seem to remain in the honeymoon phase for the first couple of years. During this duration, there are a number of things that they end up experiencing for the first time ever in their lives. These instances could be positive or negative, depending on how the couple looks at it and the circumstances they are in. Here are the things that newly weds experience for the first time.

1. Living with each other

The first and foremost thing that newlyweds have to deal with is, to live with each other. In case of a live-in arrangement before the marriage, this point doesn’t apply, but those who have taken the vows of matrimony without the trial period of living in, would have to deal with a daunting task ahead of them.

2. Being addressed as Mrs.

Although in the earlier days, women had to not only change their surnames, but also their first names after marriage, the modern woman of today has the option of keeping her last name. Besides the change in the last name, ladies also have to get used to being called Mrs. so and so.

3. Honeymoon

Even if the couple has enjoyed many a honeymoon by going away for a romantic getaway together pre-marriage, the thrill of a proper honeymoon as husband and wife is unmatched. Honeymoons are more often than not, the best times that couples enjoy.

4. Finance tackling

After marriage the finances of a couple become one. What’s his is hers and what’s hers is his. The task of dealing and planning the finances, deciding to invest in, spend on and go easy on which things is a joint decision that the couple has to take for the first time.

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