7 Things a Successful Relationship Must Have

7 Things a Successful Relationship Must Have

There are many attributes which are imperative for a successful relationship. Understanding these attributes will only help individuals chalk out a healthy and strong bond that stands the test of time. Here are some of the attributes that those in a relationship should work at.

1. Trust

This is the single most important attribute that those in a relationship should look to have. Trust has many dimensions to it. Believing, that your partner cares more for you than anyone or anything else, is important without the need for the partner to justify it again and again. Believing that your partner wouldn’t lie to you is another important dimension of trust that needs to be developed between two people in a relationship. Trust is particularly tested when a third person or external factors like physical distance start interfering with the relationship.

2. Fun and joy

Even the most serious relationships need fun and enjoyment to be sustained over a long period. Given that two people spend the biggest percentage of their time with each other, apart from work, they need to enjoy each other’s company. A good sense of humor can always help add that extra something to the relationship. Nothing helps bonding like laughing together does. Gelling together can be achieved through outdoor interests and activities that some partners in a relationship share, whether that is weekend trips, hiking, trekking, dance classes or simply exploring the streets.

3. Patience

It is virtually impossible, given the modern day stress and strain especially at the workplace, to find an individual who is perpetually happy. This takes its toll on the relationship as well. Therefore, those in a relationship should work on their patience, especially when it comes to making demands on their partner. When one of the two is having a tough time, it is important for the other to stand by offering consolation, encouragement and support. It is also important to not get on to the nerves of your partner especially when he or she is going through a difficult phase. This is particularly imperative when one of the two is quite moody.

4. Maturity

Change is the only constant and in most cases, both partners in a relationship will undergo changes in life. It is important for two individuals to grow together and evolve in life as mature individuals who can handle tough situations. Growing together in the relationship has a direct influence on individual growth as it comes from harmony and mental peace. Good relationships create that peaceful personal space that helps individuals prosper in lives and in their careers.

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