7 Steps To Get Him To Kiss You

Steps To Get Him To Kiss You

You are crazy about him and can’t stop thinking how his soft lips would feel? You’ve had some good time together but that magical foot-popping moment has not arrived yet. Here’s how you can heat things up and get him to kiss you:

1. Look sexy

Scan your wardrobe and don the sexiest dress. But remember, be tasteful in your choice. There’s a thin line between being sexy and vulgar. Flaunt a sensuous appeal and see the wonders.

2. Smell nice

Do not underestimate the importance of smelling nice. If he comes close to you and finds the stench of your sweat assaulting his nostrils, then you will probably never hear from him again. So use a deodorant, perfume or whatever it takes, but just smell nice, aromatic and feminine.

3. Avoid bad breath

When you go out to meet him, make sure your breath is fresh and inviting. Avoid pungent foods like onions, garlic and the likes. Brush your teeth and rinse with a mouthwash before going out to meet him. Keep a mouth freshener with you if the need arises. Bad breath is enough to change his mind, so make sure you don’t have it.

4. Talk romantic

You don’t want to sit at the dinner table and talk politics. Try not to go overboard with your feminist views like how men have exploited women since ages or how women should unite against men. All these things will turn any man off. Try to talk romantic to get him in the right sort of mood. Be pleasant and sound sweet.

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