7 Spooky Real Life Ghost Stories

7 Spooky Real Life Ghost Stories

Want to spend a chilly night reading some spooky ghost stories? Well, we have complied a list of true, spine-chilling stories from all over the world. You may be very rational in life, but these true occurrences might compel you to change that stand. So read on to know some of the ghost stories.

1. Crying Boy Painting

This spooky story is about a cursed painting that survives blasts and fires at homes. In 1988, an explosion burnt down the home of a family in England. Firemen then discovered a painting of a cute-looking boy who had a tear rolling down his cheek. This painting wasn’t harmed at all, while everything was burnt. This event occurred at quite a few places after that, with the same consequence-burnt house, painting intact. Now, wouldn’t you be interested to know what was the reason behind this mysterious occurrence?

2. Girl On Fire

In Alabama Girls Industrial School, there exists the burning ghost of Condie Cunningham. In 1908, she and her other friends were making hot chocolate in her room, when the burner accidentally fell and Connie and her bed were set ablaze. Her ghost still haunts the 4th floor of that school and many strange incidents still occur there.

3. Green Lady

In Connecticut, local legend suggests that a husband and wife stayed beside a Green Lady cemetery. Once in winter, the husband went to get food and other necessities. But due to the bad weather, he got late in returning home. So the wife went in search of him. But she was lost and got trapped in a swamp with quicksand. She was crying for help, but no one heard her screams. At that same time, her husband came along with a lantern, saw his wife crying for help, but could not help her out. To this date, people have seen an eerie green mist near the cemetery and the ghost of a woman walking on the road near the cemetery.

4. Whaley House

Thomas Whaley built this house in 1857 on a site where there were gallows and a cemetery. But natural, there were a lot of spooky happenings in the house where he resided with his family. Many people who stayed in that house or were related to the Whaley’s have died in the house. The house has now been converted into a museum after being known as the most haunted house in America.

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