7 Signs Your Teenager is Using Drugs

7 Signs Your Teenager is Using Drugs

Drug use is one of the most common problems amongst teenagers. Since they are very impressionable at that age and are likely to get into bad company, it is imperative that you be their friend and ensure that they stay away from this bad addiction. We give you some of the ways of knowing if your teenager is using drugs.

1. Falling grades

If you find your child having a sudden drop in his or her grades, for no apparent reason, then this could be a cause for concern. Do try to discuss things with your teenage daughter or son and try to understand the reason behind this drop in academic performance. If you do not find a satisfactory reply, then you can take it as a red flag.

2. Constant money problems

If you often find your child asking you for money, then he or she could be in trouble. Do not try to pamper him or her by giving away money as and when they ask for it. Always make sure you inquire what do they need the money for. If you feel that they are making up excuses, then take it as a warning sign. Also, if you find cash and valuables missing from the house very often, then it could mean that your teenager is into drugs.

3. Personality changes

If your teenage daughter or son is taking drugs, then you will find some personality changes in the child. For instance, if the child is otherwise an extrovert, then he or she may start being very quiet and an introvert. Also, you may find him or her being very withdrawn. Another sign could be that an otherwise relaxed and calm teenager may now seem very fidgety all the time.

4. Mood swings

When kids start taking drugs, they usually display extreme mood swings. For example, they may be euphoric at one point and suddenly turn tense or edgy. Also, they may seem to be very suspicious or people and things around and even seem paranoid at times. Such sudden unexplained changes in moods, should not be taken lightly.

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