7 Signs Your Teenager is Sexually Active

7 Signs Your Teenager is Sexually Active

It is indeed challenging to be a parent of a teenager; be it regarding studies, co-curricular activities, personal life, and more. As parents you often want to know if your teenager has started being sexually active and should you be giving him/her the necessary guidance. Here are some signs that your teenager might be sexually active.

1. He/she is secretive

If you find your rather extrovert teenager keeping things to himself/herself, then it could be a sign. For instance, the child has stopped sharing certain things about how he/she has spent the day at school or what happened at a particular party or how did the evening go with friends. The child wants to retire to his/her room without much discussion of his/her whereabouts might mean that your teen is sexually active.

2. He/she wants to wash his/her clothes

Observe your teenager carefully. Is he/she very keen on washing his/her own clothes, specially the undergarments? If it is out of love for mom and the attitude is to help you out it is alright but not if the child is doing it in his/her own washroom. In such cases, there are chances your teenager is sexually active.

3. He/she wants to know about birth control

It is good to have a healthy talk of birth control with your teen but is he/she pushing you to the edge about it? Has he/she started asking you a lot about it? Do answer them correctly but this could be taken as a sign that he/she is sexually active.

4. He/she wants frequent sleepovers

If your child is sexually active, he/she might start often asking for sleepovers at a particular friend’s house. If you refuse, your child might get into an argument over the issue. It is also possible that he/she wants to have his/her friends over at night for sleepovers at your place.

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