7 Signs Your Marriage is Doomed

7 Signs Your Marriage is Doomed

Marriages do not come to an end in a day or two. Generally, there are elusive and subtle signals along the way over a prolonged period of time, indicating that your better half is losing interest in you. The vast majority of us try to heal our ailing relationship to save our marriage, but at times it is better to let go. Though not all marriages are alike, certain things are universal in every marriage. Read on to know more about the signals which indicates that your marriage is beyond repair.

1. You are separate and disconnected from each other already

Couples who are disconnected from each other already are the ones whose marriage are nearly over. If you try creating ample space in your relationship by spending most of your time in office at work, with friends or online- it’s a sign of a problematic marriage. You do not take interest in your spouse’s whereabouts and have absolutely no idea about all that is happening in his life, it’s a sure shot sign of disengagement in a relationship.

2. You no longer enjoy spending time together

Couples in an unstable marriage do not yearn to spend time together. In fact, they are constantly on the lookout for alternatives to each other’s company. If you too do not remember the last time you went for a vacation with your spouse or if you do not desire to be with your partner anymore- it’s a sign of a shaky marriage.

3. You do not go together for family gatherings

If you both have stopped being seen together as a couple, especially for family gatherings, there is a problem. If either of you look out for reasons to avoid each other at family functions and events and try every possible thing to escape each other’s company, then there is not much left in your marriage.

4. You immerse yourself in work

If you have started devoting unnecessary time at work, just to reach home late or you have started spending abnormally long time periods with your colleagues, it’s an indication that you do not enjoy going home early. If you find entering your house a painful act or even at home you try immersing yourself in extra hobbies, then your marriage is on the verge of being over.

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