7 Signs Your Boyfriend is Controlling You

Signs Your Boyfriend is Controlling You

Are you involved with a partner who is dominating and wants to take reign of the relationship? Is he always telling you what to do and interfering in your personal decisions? Living in with a controlling boyfriend could be tough task. Here are 7 signs that tell you that your boyfriend is controlling you.

1. Always being together

If your boyfriend is taking away all your time, not allowing you to spend time with your family, getting angry when you make plans with friends and cutting you out from your social circle, it shows that he is trying to control you.

2. Screening your calls and emails

Your guy insists that he should know your password for your emails, receive messages on your behalf and also have the liberty to check your messages and answer your calls. This clearly shows that he is taking control of who you interact with.

3. Inviting friends to your place

Your boyfriend invites his friends to your apartment. They have drinks; watch their game while you are expected to spend the time alone in your room. But when you want to host a party at your place for your girlfriends, he has a problem with that.

4. Belittling you in front of friends and family

If you catch up as a couple with mutual friends and he raises his voice in front of your friends, monitors your activities and stops you from doing something fun with people around, he is making sure your friends know who’s the boss.

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