7 Signs You are On The Verge of an Affair

7 Signs You are On The Verge of an Affair

Sometimes in spite of being in a relationship, you feel lonely. This is the time, when you look for emotional support outside the relationship. You get compatible with someone else emotionally and physically. Listed below are some signs you are on the verge of an affair, read on.

1. Sharing personal things with someone other than your partner

Do you share your feelings with someone whom you trust? When in a relationship, it is important to share your feelings with your spouse or partner. Sharing with someone other than your partner would eventually lead to emotional infidelity. Emotional infidelity can lead to an affair.

2. Staring at a guy who’s not your partner

Looking at someone casually does not harm. But, continuously staring at that person or even making an eye contact is harmful. Continuous staring can lead to attraction. And, once you are attracted to someone, you would want to know that person. This is kind of cheating in a relationship. It is sign that you are on verge of getting into an affair.

3. Feeling or touching someone other than your partner

Are you attracted to someone who is not your partner? Then feeling that person or touching that person can lead to instant stimulation. In that case, you are cheating on your partner. Once you start enjoying that touch, it will eventually lead to fantasy. This can then lead to an affair, so know about this at the right time.

4. Grooming yourself not for your partner but for someone else

If you suddenly start grooming yourself, it could be for some other reason, for some other person. If you are attracted to someone, naturally you will pay heed to the way you look. This may include dressing style, hairstyle, and accessories. You are doing all this to impress someone, evaluate the situation before it is too late.

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