7 Signs You Are In a Codependent Relationship

7 Signs You Are In a Codependent Relationship

Loving your partner is one thing and living for your partner is another. Are you in a codependent relationship, where you keep your partner’s needs first? Do you bother more about your partner’s happiness and self-respect? Listed below are some signs which signify that you are in a codependent relationship, read on.

1. If you are interested in his happiness

Are you doing things because your partner wants you to do it? If you are making him happy and yourself unhappy, then you are surely going the wrong way. Some women think about their partner’s happiness, even if it makes them unhappy. This is going to create a problem in future, as it is the first sign of codependent relationship.

2. If you are doing things all by yourself

Sharing and caring are the two important elements of a relationship. Is your partner sharing things with you, or are you doing it alone? If you do all the household work, duties for kids and outdoor work all by yourself, then you are definitely in a codependent relationship.

3. If there is dominance in the relationship

One-sided dominance in a relationship is also a codependent relationship. If your partner decides what you should do and should not, then there is no future in the relationship. Relationship is all about transparency and equality. No one can feel comfortable in such a relationship.

4. If you protect him

If your partner has done something wrong, and you take the blame on yourself to protect him, then you are a codependent partner and this is a sign of codependent relationship. Many women take the blame for their partners’ happiness and do not think about themselves in this situation.

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