7 Signs You are Dependent on Your Parents for Everything

7 Signs You are Dependent on Your Parents for Everything

There is an age for everything and being dependent on one’s parents after a certain period of time isn’t something to be proud of. So are there any tell-tale signs that you are dependent on your parents for every little thing? Yes there are, and here are some of them.

1. They pay for all the stuff you buy

Do you even check the price tags on the things you buy or just hand over your dad’s credit card to the person at the counter to swipe? If your innumerable shopping sprees are totally financed by your parents, you definitely are dependent on them.

2. They support you financially

Paying for your extravagant buys may be tolerable, but if they are also paying your bills and rent or any of your other monetary requirements, you are beyond doubt, totally dependent on your parents.

3. You stay at their place

If you are in your twenty’s and still don’t have a place of your own, it’s an adequate proof of your dependency on your parents. It’s not only the nerdy guys who spend their lives in their parent’s basement, but there are an equal number of not so bright women who do the same.

4. You need them to take care of you

Do you run into your mom’s arms every time you are ill? Does your dad have to bail you out every time you find yourself waist-deep in trouble? If your answer to these questions are yes, then you indeed are dependent on your parents.

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