7 Signs You Are Dating a Mama’s Boy

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While dating a guy, many of us get that little voice in our head, “I wonder if he is a mama’s boy.” Well, if you are still confused whether you should pay heed to that voice or not, then we are here to help you. Here are some signs that you are dating a mama’s boy.

1. He talks to her daily

If your boyfriend’s call log mostly features his mother’s number, then you can be sure that he is a mama’s boy. You will find him talking to her daily and that too for long hours.

2. He seeks her advice in everything

Even if it is something as simple as buying a T-shirt, if you find your boyfriend calling up his mother to ask what color suits him most, then he is a mama’s boy. Also, he would agree to whatever opinion his mother has on an issue, and whatever she is saying without any arguments.

3. He brings her in almost all conversations

Even if his mother is not present at the scene, you would find him bringing her up into whatever conversation you guys are having. It will be as if she is a part of the conversation even when she is not there with you.

4. He compares you with her

Everything that you do, you would often find him saying, “But that’s not how my mother does it.” Be it a simple case of pancakes or something as “big” as making the bed, he compares you with the senior lady of his life. Furthermore, he would compare whatever decision you take on a subject with the kind of decision his mother might have taken.

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