7 Signs You Are an Aquarius

7 signs you are an Aquarius

Believe it or not, but there are some characteristics that all of us specifically have that put us into a specific zodiac sign. You might be under the Aquarius sign if you have the following characteristics.

1.You are forward thinking and self-directed

You do not always live at the present and think of the present. You have ideas that are different from the others and you are thinking for the future. Your ideas are also self-directed and you do not take your orders from others on how to think.

2.You do not take orders from others kindly

Just like you do not want your thoughts to be influenced by others, you would also not take kindly to someone ordering you about. You would always like to live life the way you choose to and now how others want you to live it.

3.You revel in the fact that you are unique

You would rather be the stray sheep that gets lost, than be one in the herd that just blindly follows the orders of the shepherd or keeps walking behind the other sheep. You are actually proud about the fact that you are different and you do things to be seen as different from the rest.

4.You are a high energy person and is filled with zest for life

You energy levels can be highly infectious and you take life head on and you strongly believe in facing challenges head on. Sadly most of the time this does not go well with the limitations society puts on you and you end up feeling all frustrated.

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