7 Signs You are Addicted to Alcohol

Signs You are Addicted to Alcohol

Those weekend drinks and clinks have extended to weekdays casual drinking routine. The afternoon beer runs become your excuse to cope up with stress of the day. Those morning Long Island Ice teas replaced your green teas and coffee. You dealt with the hangovers with 6-pack and cold with brandy. There were signs, but you ignored them. Before you see your life get drowned in alcohol here are few tell-tale signs which tell that you are addicted to alcohol.

1. You have become a puke factory

You want your alcohol to get you to levitate 2 feet above the ground, but the truth is you end up sitting head down in the toilet.

2. Every occasion is booze worthy

You never run out of reasons to down that glass of bubbly. Friday night fun, Monday blues, anniversary, best friend’s birthday party, mid-week stress – you have your excuse ready to pour yourself a glass or two.

3. You stumble across objects

You wake up in the morning to a broken vase, misplaced keys and tip toe around the room to see noodles, chips and mayo all emptied on the floor. No, the cat did not do that.

4. Did I do that?

Under the hazy cloud of excessive drinking you cannot recall what you did previous night. Your friends give you accounts of your misadventures but it just sounds fictionalized to your ears and yet you continue alcohol consumption.

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