7 Signs of Diabetes

7 Signs of Diabetes

Are you worried if you are suffering from diabetes? Do you wish to confirm yourself before you talk to your doctor? Then you’ve come to the right place. Listed here are some signs that you are diabetic, read on.

1. Frequent thirst

If a person frequently feels thirsty, then it is something to worry about. This happens due to excess glucose in the body. If a person gets up several times in the night to drink water, then a blood test is recommended.

2. Frequent urge to urinate

This is a warning sign; frequent urination means high level of glucose in the body. Urinating few times in a day is normal. But, urinating many times could spell trouble. One needs to keep a tab on this.

3. Cuts take time to heal

A normal cut on the body would take lesser time to heal. If a person has diabetes, then the cut may take a longer time to heal. If other wounds or burns take time to heal, then a blood test is recommended. Higher level of glucose in the body slows down the effect of fighting an infection.

4. Weight loss or gain

A diabetic person tends to put on weight because of loss of fluids from the body. There might be fluctuating weight loss problem because the body tissues do not receive glucose. It is important to evaluate the sign and know about it.

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