7 Signs Of A Good Listener

7 Signs Of A Good Listener

Good listening skills always come in handy when it comes to giving ear to a friend, your partner, or even a stranger for that matter. A good listener is usually considered to be trustworthy and responsible, as is reflected in his/her actions. So here are 7 signs to show that you are a good listener. See if you have these qualities within yourself. If you don’t, it’s never too late to bring them into practice.

1. When someone is talking to you, you don’t get distracted easily by what’s happening in your surroundings, however strange it may be. While listening to someone, your concentration is totally on them and your thoughts revolve around what they are talking about.

2. You try to maintain eye contact with the speaker as much as possible, and rarely look away. This is an important attribute of a good listener because it focuses all your attention towards the speaker, enabling you to block out the rest of the world.

3. While listening to someone, you don’t start bringing in your own stories or try to change the topic of the conversation unless they are done telling you their story. You wait for them to finish speaking first, before adding your own comments or experiences.

4. You know how to empathize with the other person. What matters is the appropriate amount of empathy, which can be evident from the other person’s reaction to your feedback. If they seem to agree with you, you were successful; else, you were totally off track while listening.

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