7 Side Effects of Anger

7 Side Effects of Anger

Anger may have medical, physiological, mental or emotional side effects. Not only is too much anger bad for health, but it can also destroy a person’s social life and interpersonal relationships. Read on to find out more about the side effects of anger.

1. Anger can cause stress and unhappiness

Angry people may have more tendency to stress out and become unhappy as compared to other people. They may get irritated easily and anger can be triggered in them at the drop of a hat. The stress of a bout of anger can cause mental and emotional exertion.

2. Anger is known to cause high blood pressure

Anger and stress are known to cause high or fluctuating blood pressure and affect factors such as metabolism, sodium levels and hereditary factors. When a person becomes angry, he/she may naturally take actions like clenching of fists or start perspiring. These are common indicators that their blood pressure may be increasing.

3. Anger may cause social isolation

In addition to medical side effects, one of the important side effects of anger can be social isolation. No one likes being around angry, moody and temperamental people. Once you start having the reputation of being an angry person, chances of people distancing themselves from you may increase.

4. Anger may make you prone to inflammation and muscular pain

In medical science, the release of a hormone called Cortisol during anger is known to cause muscles to flex and receive a bout of energy in a few seconds. While the person holding a lot of anger may feel powerful because of this energy, the repetitive release of Cortisol can have negative effects like making the body prone to muscular pain in the longer run.

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