7 Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage

7 Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage

A marriage is a commitment and a promise you make to the other person. You commit to them and promise to stay with them through thick and thin, through sadness and happiness, through health and sickness and through the ups and downs in life. With divorce rates increasing day by day, the secrets to having a long and happy marriage are getting more elusive too. A good way to lay the foundation to a solid marriage would be to stick to the promises you made on your wedding day and take your wedding oath really seriously. Here are some secrets to a long and happy marriage.

1. Unconditional love

It can be a difficult thing to do at all time. Even if you have your fights and squabbles stay steady in the love you have for your spouse. Unconditional love will always be reciprocated, unless your partner or spouse is a real jerk. Unconditional love between two people in a marriage goes a long way in cementing their future.

2. Keeping promises

Nothing can be more hurtful and disappointing than broken promises. Promises either big or small when kept or at least when given an explanation when not kept help keep away the feelings of resentment and make way for a happy and a long marriage.

3. Apologizing

A marriage can be a long and happy one if both the partners know when and how to apologize. Apologies cost nothing. It could cost a little bit of the ego and self esteem, but what are these before the person you truly love?

4. Respect

For two people to live together and continue doing it for a long time and stay marries, it is important that they have respect for each other. You will notice that the sooner that you lose respect for your partner, the sooner your relationship will begin to crumble.

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