7 Ridiculous Celebrity Beauty Regimens

7 Ridiculous Celebrity Beauty Regimens

Ever thought why despite your best efforts you haven’t yet achieved the glow on your face like you favorite star seems to have so naturally? There are loads of expensive and bizarre beauty rituals that Hollywood celebrities splurge on in order to look as stunning as they do. Creams, lotions, makeup, spas, salons, massages and other such high end beauty products are now passé because this generation of celebrities has a totally different approach to beautifying itself.

1. Nightingale droppings

Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham have more in common with each other than their friendship. They both go for regular Geisha facials, a Japanese kind of beauty treatment which involves the application of nightingale droppings on the face. As weird and cringe worthy as it may sound, the stars swear by it as it apparently contains certain nutrients that works wonders for the skin, making it glow.

2. Snake venom

As outrageous and dangerous as snake venom facials may sound, they apparently act as a short term alternative to Botox injections for the venom is said to make the skin around wrinkles and fine lines, numb. Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are regular users of this weird facial.

3. Bee stings

Believe it or not, but Kate Middleton, the so called natural beauty also seems to be as whacky and bizarre in her choice of beauty treatments as these Hollywood stars are. Her beautician claimed that she goes for bee sting facials which works as natural Botox and involves the application of a cream containing bee venom. And we thought the Duchess of Cambridge was a simple lady.

4. Leeches

This has to be the most scary and bizarre beauty treatment in this list. Demi Moore may look fragile but she is quite brave to try out this unearthly detoxifying and blood cleansing ritual of having leeches suck on her body. Yes, that’s exactly what she attributes her pristine skin to.

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