7 Reasons You Should Not Add Strangers On Facebook

7 Reasons You Should Not Add Strangers On Facebook

If you use Facebook, then you should be really careful of the people you add on a random basis. If you don’t know someone, simply don’t add the person. Accepting friend’s request from strangers can do you more harm than good. Here are some reasons you should not add strangers on Facebook.

1. It can be risky

Adding strangers to your Facebook list can be risky for you as well as for your other friends on the list. That particular person can well use your personal pictures and misuse them on other sites. This also poses a risk for your friends who would be mutually on your list. So, be careful before accepting any one, you don’t know.

2. It can add to spam

Spam messages and junk messages are mostly sent by people who are unknown. If you are reviving spam and junk emails in your Facebook inbox, then you need to check on this. Maybe you have added someone who is sending you all the links. Spam mails can also damage your laptop, so unfriend the person if you don’t feel safe.

3. It can pose crime risk

Facebook is a universal social media site. So, it is really difficult to keep a tab on every person using the site. You never know a criminal might be using the site for his/her activities. And, what if you add the same stranger to your friends’ list? You will have to repent later, so better don’t add the person you don’t even know.

4. It can pose theft risk

If you keep on updating your status on Facebook, then you need to be careful because a stranger you added on your list can take advantage of this situation. If you write things like” Going for a ten day trip with family” then this can come handy to a stranger who might be a thief. So, you never know the real intention of a person in life, be careful.

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