7 Reasons Why You Should Worry About Sun Exposure

7 Reasons Why You Should Worry About Sun Exposure

Though the Earth’s atmosphere blocks a major percentage of Sun’s harmful radiation, it is still powerful enough to cause damage to your skin and body. So, it becomes extremely important that you avoid unprotected Sun exposure. Here are a few ways how Sun exposure can harm your body.

1. Sunburn (Erythema)

As a result of excess exposure to the Sun, you may have redness of the skin. This may also lead to pain, peeling of the skin, edema, and blistering.

2. Skin Cancer

One of the most preventable risk factors for skin cancer is unprotected exposure to Sun’s harmful UV rays. Being the most prominent cancer-causing agent in the environment, UV is responsible for about 90 percent skin cancers.

3. Melanoma

The most serious form of skin cancer, melanoma is most common among adolescents and young adults. Those who have UV exposure and sunburns, especially during their childhood, are at a higher risk of having this type of cancer.

4. Premature aging

As UV destroys collagen and the connective tissue beneath the top layer of the skin, it speeds up the skin’s ageing process. As a result, you get wrinkles, liver spots, and thick, leathery skin.

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