7 Reasons Why Women Generally Make Bad Drivers

7 Reasons Why Women Generally Make Bad Drivers

Women, this is not an article to offend you. In fact, this is a helpful article that will let you know your shortcomings and improve on them as far as driving is concerned. Through numerous surveys, researches and studies worldwide, it has been proven that men are really better than women at driving. Let’s find out why.

1. They are too careful

By nature, women are and have always been the more careful, obedient and abiding sex. They think twice before making decisions, especially while driving a car, they take too much time being careful, precise and correct. This may work in a world consisting only of women, but not when the majority of drivers on the road are impatient men who have no patience for being correct and are more experienced at driving.

2. They hate mechanics

Men are mechanically and spatially more gifted than women, they understand the technical know hows of cars better and are able to handle mechanical stuff like gadgets and vehicles better than women. Females just aren’t made for this stuff, just like men are not made to be multi-taskers like women.

3. They get scared easily

Women hate breaking the law and hence make cautious, slow and careful drivers. They get scared easier and more frequently than men about various things like speeding, running over a child or an animal, missing out on road signs, etc. One needs to be a little gutsier than that to drive properly at the correct speed.

4. They are easily distracted

Huge colorful billboards, attractive sale signs, cute pets or babies, stylish clothes on mannequins, festival celebrations, weddings and other such factors present on the streets can prove to be huge distractions. Women get more easily distracted by them than men.

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