7 Reasons Why Women Fall Out of Love

7 Reasons Why Women Fall Out of  Love

Women are generally known to prefer long term commitment in relationships that are smothered with love, affection and lots of pampering. They love it when their men make them feel like a princess. But when this doesn’t happen, things can go downhill. Here are a few reasons why women fall out of love.

1. Emotional straying

Women tend to lose interest in their relationships when they are not emotionally satisfied with their men. Not spending enough time with each other, not opening up to each other about problems or not being able to share dreams with each other are a part of emotional straying. Women consider their emotional connection as one of the pivotal elements in a relationship and when they don’t feel emotionally connected, they lose interest.

2. Lack of attention

A woman may feel uncared for if her man does not shower her with enough attention. This includes not succumbing to her whims and fancies, not listening to her small talk or not doing things she likes with her. A woman may fall out of love with her man if she feels that he is giving priority to other things over her.

3. Communication gap

Women feel connected to their lovers by talking, opening up to them emotionally and sharing their deepest feelings with them. After being in a relationship for a long time, men may unknowingly tend to switch off a little and become less communicative. This can affect women immensely and give them a feeling that things are not the same anymore.

4. Lack of spontaneity

Women love it when their men throw surprises, become unexpectedly romantic or do something that they would have never imagined. Unlike men who may not be fans of this type of romance, women love spontaneity in a relationship. They may get upset and fall out of love when their men start taking them for granted.

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