7 Reasons Why Some Women Choose Not to Give Birth

7 Reasons Why Some Women Choose to Not Give Birth

They say that motherhood completes a woman, but some women would beg to differ. They would rather not give birth as they don’t find the whole concept of motherhood as enticing as most females do. Society often questions and expresses disbelief over a perfectly healthy woman choosing not to be a mother but there are certain reasons why some women do so. Here are 7 of them.

1. They fear the pain

The most common reason, whether women admit it or not, is the fear of the pain they would endure while giving birth. The pain that a mother goes through has been seen as insufferable by society and hence motherhood is probably considered the greatest virtue. Sleeping on your back for nine months straight, morning sickness, swelling of the body, the chances of a miscarriage, still birth or even the child dying is what scares the day lights out of some women.

2. They don’t want to get tied down

Some women are free spirited or very ambitious and career oriented. After giving birth, a woman has to spend her whole life thinking in terms of two. Not only is the onus of responsibility of the children mostly on the women, they also have to take decisions in their whole life thereafter keeping their kids’ lives in mind. Free spirited women who wish to achieve a lot or live life at their own terms wouldn’t like too bear such a responsibility.

3. They haven’t found the right man

Quite a few women keep waiting for Mr. Right to turn up and then start a family with him. But as the biological clock ticks away, they realize that their man hunt is yielding no results. Nonetheless, they choose not to have a baby out of desperation with anyone just for the heck of it and prefer waiting even more.

4. They know that it is a thankless job

Women have seen their mothers struggle and realized that motherhood is the most thankless and self sacrificing job that one deliberately takes upon oneself. They would hate going through the grind, and years later realizing that their children don’t care much about them anyway.

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