7 Reasons Why Some Men Hate Pretty Women

7 Reasons Why Some Men Hate Pretty Women

Most of the men like pretty women but there are some men who don’t. Some men hate or dislike pretty women. The reasons behind this could be many. Here are some of the reasons why some men feel deep hatred for pretty women.

1. A man might start to hate pretty women if he gets rejected by one of them

Rejection can make some men really bitter and even vengeful. A man who gets rejected by some pretty women at a bar can start to hate all the pretty girls. Such a man has a big ego and considers himself as a really nice guy. He simply can’t handle the rejection and feels angry. He can’t find out the reason why pretty girls reject him or why they are not willing to go out with him. Such a man thinks that pretty girls should see the nice man and not his baldness. When this person gets rejection, he simply snaps out!

2. A man starts hating pretty women because he fails to get one

When a man tries to date a woman who is out of his league, he definitely has to face rejection. A lot of men try to date women who are too pretty or who are just better than them in a number of ways. Such men don’t want to settle for an average looking woman. They want a woman who is very pretty, very elegant, very polite, very shapely and very foolish. When men fail to get such a pretty woman, they start to hate all the pretty women out there.

3. A man hates pretty women if he thinks that they are arrogant

When a man gets rejected by a pretty woman, he starts to think that she and every other pretty woman must be arrogant. Men with this kind of thinking can be really dangerous. They can stalk pretty women. Men with a sick mind can even go ahead, attack a pretty girl and punish her for being arrogant.

4. A man starts to hate pretty girls if he thinks that they all reject men for amusement.

No woman rejects a man for enjoyment but some fickle minded men don’t understand this. They think that pretty girls deserve to be punished because they reject men for amusement or that they play with men’s feelings to hurt them. Such men approach pretty women with a lot of expectations and when their expectations are not fulfilled, they feel hurt. The worst thing is that such men blame pretty women for hurting their feelings. A girl has every right to say, ‘No’ if she doesn’t want to go on a date with a particular man but some men don’t understand this.

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