7 Reasons Why Reading Fiction is Fun

7 Reasons Why Reading Fiction is Fun

It is often said that books are a man’s best friends. They entertain you, and are your best mate during times when no other source of entertainment appeals to you. Whether you need something to kill your time on a long plane journey, or on a subway train ride, books are always the best alternative. They are also your best time-passing option on lazy Sunday afternoons. Among all books, fictional ones appeal more to most people. Here are some reasons why reading fiction is fun.

1. You get entertained

Fiction books have a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and have interesting story-lines that you keep you hooked and entertained for long. You get to know of new angles and dimensions to conventional story lines, and that keeps your interest going forward.

2. Your creativity improves

When you read a lot of fictional books, you get new ideas in your head, which eventually build your creativity. The best writers are the ones who have spent their childhood reading a lot of fiction books. Not only do you get to know of existing story lines and ideas, but you also think of your own possible endings to a story, or your own versions of the twists and turns in a story, thereby enhancing your creativity.

3. Your vocabulary improves

The best thing about reading fiction is that you get to learn a lot of new words and phrases, which you may not have been aware of otherwise. That helps to build your vocabulary, and eventually improves your language skills. This kind of an improvement is a great asset for life.

4. It’s your escape from reality

One great thing about reading fiction is that you enter another world altogether, where you can forget about what’s happening in your current world. This is your escape from reality, for sometime, so you can feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and return fresh to your current life.

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