7 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery is Not the Answer to Low Self Esteem

7 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery is Not the Answer to Low Self Esteem

Some women consider plastic surgery for various parts of their bodies through which they can look younger or become more attractive. Basically they are in search of a means to increase their self esteem by improving the physical aspects of their bodies. Here are a few reasons why plastic surgery is not the cure to improving self esteem.

1. Confidence comes from within

Plastic surgery may accentuate certain body parts but this confidence is likely to be temporary. Physical attractiveness gives the type of confidence which is limited to help you present yourself to the world. It is not the type of confidence and self esteem which will help you to sail through troubled times. Real confidence comes through experience, trial, tribulations and effort, not by going under the knife.

2. Plastic surgery doesn’t guarantee high self esteem

If you are convinced by the magical effects of plastic surgery, have you ever thought about what would happen if those magical effects don’t work on you? Plastic surgery doesn’t come with a certified document guaranteeing confidence. You could easily be one of the exceptions who feels discomfort after plastic surgery and is left without a single trace of self esteem.

3. Plastic surgery could go terribly wrong

While many women only read about the positive impact of plastic surgery, they may not come across stories that talk about the damaging effects of the same. Not every plastic surgery is successful. There are times when a surgery could go terribly wrong and have appalling side effects. If you become a victim of such a situation, imagine how badly your self esteem would drop to a whole new low.

4. Plastic surgery can create unrealistic perceptions

Plastic surgery may enhance your looks and make you feel more attractive, but it can be a double-edged sword. Studies have shown that women can become addicted to going under the knife and tie in their self worth to their appearance. It may reach a stage where you feel that the only way you can go ahead in life or interact with people is by constantly perfecting how you look. Such an unrealistic perception can be prove to be harmful.

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