7 Reasons Why Old Age is Tough to Deal With

7 Reasons Why Old Age is Tough to Deal With

We often get irritated with our grandparents or our parents when they ask us to give them a call or when they just don’t seem to get our point or when they keep insisting that we come and meet them. You might sometimes find that they are interfering with your life or they are being too emotional or needy or pushy. This is just another sort of generation gap where you are unable to put yourself in their shoes and it makes you wonder why they behave the way they behave. We give you a sneak peek into the lives of the elderly and this would help you understand them better. Here are some of the problems that one has to deal with during old age.

1. Failing physical strength

As you get old, your body does not seem to have the same kind of strength and power like it did 20 years ago. You can no longer go for a run and have to restrict your movements as per your body’s limited capacity. Your choice of hobbies gets limited to things that do not require too much movement or physical effort. It is not that easy to accept these bodily changes and it can make you emotionally weak.

2. Loneliness

If an elderly person is living alone or he or she does not have close family ties, then the loneliness can really takes its toll on him/her. It can lead to depression and make the person feel very isolated. As you become older your need for a companion or a friend or just someone who would talk to you or listen to you becomes very high. This is probably why you often find your old-aged parents asking you to stay connected or your grandparents trying to strike up random conversations. All they need is someone to talk to and someone to lend them a listening ear.

3. Financial woes

Many a times the financial woes may became a source of great worry. Your expenses as an elderly can shoot up with medical prescriptions, electricity bills, phone bill, commodities, etc. Especially when you are living alone, it can sometimes become very difficult to make both ends meet since you are not earning anything.

4. The feeling of not being needed

Most elderly people feel depressed owing to a growing feeling of worthlessness. Since they are not able to actively participate or contribute in someone else’s life, they may start feeling that they are of no use anymore. If this feeling continues for a long time, then it can prove harmful for their physical and emotional health. Hence, they may require constant reassurance that they are loved and that their presence is being valued.

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