7 Reasons Why Madonna is Famous

7 Reasons Why Madonna is Famous

Madonna, the longest reigning queen of pop. The artist who has sold millions of records in her decades old career. Over fifty and still reinventing herself and performing for sold out crowds in different countries all over the world. She is not the most talented when it comes to singing, but it is a mixture of her dancing abilities and shock factor that has kept her on the top over the years. She is also famous not only among her generation of fans, but also the young people and teens of these days. Here are a few reasons why Madonna is the highest selling female artist and the most famous.

1. Good catchy songs

Who cares about her vocal lengths when her songs are catchy and high energetic. You are busy singing along or dancing along to notice her faults. Her songs stay with you long after you’ve heard it- be it in a show or in car or house.

2. Never ceases to shock

Her stage antics and her costumes are not only eye catching but they make your eyes pop out. Her stage performances and music videos are bound to shock everyone. The spiked boob is still being recycled.

3. Her real life is as scandalous

Be it her famous hook ups, or failed marriages, a cute tomboy, her ever changing religious beliefs, adoptions, kissing other artists or her fit body, she entertains off stage as much as she does on stage.

4. Always in the news

If she is not making news with her music, she makes sure she stays on the radar with her outrageous comments or takes on world affairs and matters that are important to her or annoy her. She can be quite vocal and loud.

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