7 Reasons Why Long Hair is the Best

7 Reasons Why Long Hair is the Best

Women love to play with their hair, change the style, try different cuts, colors and accessories on it. Have you been contemplating over cutting your hair or growing it further? If yes, then girls, you need to have a look at this list of the pros of flaunting long tresses, a la Rapunzel.

1. You can sport different styles

When you have long hair, you can wow people around you with new looks everyday by styling your hair differently each time you step out. You could make a ponytail on Monday, a plait on Tuesday, a bun on Wednesday, a French plait on Thursday, and so on. Boring girls sport short hair while the experimental and edgy ones flaunt their long tresses.

2. You can flaunt your beautiful colored hair

Colored hair suits people with long tresses rather than those with short ones. In fact, when you go to a parlor to ask about coloring your hair, the stylist will always recommend you to have at least chest length hair in order to sport a nicely colored look. Coloring doesn’t make sense on short hair as it needs to be regularly trimmed for upkeep and thus the color will go away soon.

3. You can cut it

You can cut your hair short in a few minutes if you ever decide to change styles due to boredom with long hair, but it takes months for the hair to grow as gloriously long. That’s another one up for long hair over short hair.

4. You can experiment

One can experiment with a number of haircuts while sporting long hair, without reducing the length, while still drastically changing their appearance. However, that’s not the case with a short crop of locks as the cuts don’t have any effect on them and you would look the same in any cut.

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