7 Reasons to Take Part in the Local Marathon

Reasons to Take Part in the Local Marathon

Most cities and towns organize a marathon at least once a year. You will do yourself a favor by attending it and here we give you reasons for doing so if you haven’t tried it out yet.

1. To experience the liveliness

The whole atmosphere of a marathon is very lively, energetic, electric and fun. It’s buzzing with healthy competition and a feeling of unity and love is felt for the city and your fellow city residents. The crazy costumes donned by people, the media gathered, the whole race and a bunch of different kinds of people, all geared up to race for the city, make this event worth attending.

2. To experience the early morning sunrise

It’s a good habit to rise early and go to bed early. Marathons usually start by 5 or 6 am, so this way you can see for yourself the beauty of early mornings and also make it a habit to arise early.

3. To treat yourself to a great exercise session

The biggest reason to run a marathon is to test your fitness levels. It makes for a great exercise session and you get to gauge how fit you are by comparing your results to others. Accordingly, you could make changes in your workout regimen so that you perform better in the next year’s marathon.

4. To come in the papers

If you always wanted to get famous but showbiz was never your thing, then you can get locally famous for taking part in the marathon. Just don a whacky, creative outfit or carry a significant social message signboard so that TV channels interview you and papers catch your pictures to publish the next day.

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