7 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend to Get to Know Him Better

7 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend to Get to Know Him Better

Do you think you know your boyfriend inside out? Do you think there is not a single side of his personality that you don’t know about? Know your boyfriend better by asking him these questions.

1. How do you see yourself five years down the line?

Your boyfriend may not have explicitly told you about his dreams and ambitions of the future when probed directly. He may want to be secretive about it or keep it to himself because of the fear of not being able to achieve them. If you word the question differently and ask him, you may get to know a lot more about how he envisages his future life.

2. Can you describe how much you love me?

Couples tend to stop talking about love after a point in their relationship because they begin to take it for granted. They consider it to be a ubiquitous thing that doesn’t need to be discussed. Get your boyfriend to open up and ask him to describe his love for you. Take this opportunity to give him a situation and ask him how he would react to it. This could be your chance to know his views about love, romance and commitment inside out.

3. If we both were really deserted on an island, what would you do?

This can be a trick question. When your boyfriend answers this question, you may get to know whether he feels nervous being alone with you or would he feel like a macho, protective partner. You may also come to know more about his romantic and sensuous side if he answers this question in a jest.

4. Would you be okay if I earned more money than you?

Asking your boyfriend if he would accept a partner who earns more than him can be like opening a can of worms. Be ready for your boyfriend’s hesitance in answering this question as he may feel uncomfortable exposing his chauvinistic streak, if he has any. You will get to know what your boyfriend really thinks about gender equality when you ask him this question.

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