7 Pains of Being Pretty

7 Pains of Being Pretty

Being pretty is not like riding on a smooth road where everything is beautiful, pristine and fair. Everything has its pros and cons, so has beauty. If you don’t believe it, then you need to read on. Here’s why being pretty comes with its own pangs of pain:

1. People label you ‘innocently dumb’

Beauty with brains is something people don’t understand. Probably it has something to do with the movies where the beautiful girl in school is often the dumb one and the brainy but seemingly ugly girl is the real genius. So guess what, if you are pretty then often you have to endure the ‘dumb beauty jokes’ and to add to it if you are a pretty blonde, then you are always the laughing stock because people never get tired of dumb blonde girl jokes.

2. People assume that you are arrogant

Even a casual remark by you can be made into a big issue because people often feel that pretty girls are arrogant and love to make fun of others. So the next time you are out there trying to offer a genuine piece of advice to someone, think twice. You might be in for a rude shock when you find yourself being called ‘haughty / arrogant.’

3. You find yourself under pressure to ‘maintain’ your beauty

Let’s admit it, this happens. If you are pretty and people are often complimenting you on your beauty, then subconsciously you are always under pressure to somehow ‘maintain’ your beauty. This means you have to work extra hard to ensure you look beautiful always.

4. The cost of maintaining your beauty pinches your pocket

Well, maintaining your prettiness for a lifetime calls for many beauty products. It is a high maintenance thing. The cost of it all bites your pocket hard.

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