7 Old Wives’ Tales About Pregnancy

7 Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy

Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time in the life of to-be parents. They may be equally excited to predict other things about their pregnancy such as the gender of the baby, how the baby will look, the baby’s health, what is best for the pregnant mother and who the baby may look like. Here are a few old wives’ tales related to pregnancy that you use for yourself if you are expecting.

1. Strangling the baby

There is an absurd old wives tale related to pregnancy which says that if the pregnant woman holds her arms above her head, the umbilical cord in her womb will wrap itself around the baby’s head and strangle it. Although there is no scientific truth associated with this tale, it could have come into effect to warn women from undertaking too much physical activity during pregnancy.

2. Gender prediction

There are loads of myths and tales associated with gender prediction. One of the famous and popular myths about knowing whether you will have a baby boy or girl is to pass a string through a ring and dangle it over your pregnant tummy. If the ring swirls around in circles, you may have a boy and if it goes back and forth, you may have a girl. You can use this tale to have some fun predicting your baby’s gender but avoid taking it too seriously.

3. Baths

There is a preposterous myth that pregnant women should not bathe. This old wives’ tale came into being because people earlier thought that bathing during pregnancy made water enter the baby’s body and cause growth of bacteria. But science has proved no such thing. In fact many experts recommend that bathing in lukewarm water can help women to ease back pains during pregnancy.

4. Drinking plenty of water

According to an old wives’ tale, if a pregnant woman does not drink at least eight glasses of water a day, her baby may get dirty. This tale may be a way to remind women to drink more water so that the amniotic fluid in their bodies is constantly replenished.

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