7 Natural Remedies to Cure a Dry Throat

7 Natural Remedies to Cure a Dry Throat

You must have experienced roughness in your throat in winters and that roughness sometimes directs to non-stop coughing. This irritation and roughness are the symptoms of dry throat that arises in winters because of surrounding dry air. The atmospheric conditions make people suffer from this problem but many a time, our own wrong breathing habits takes the shape of such painful trouble. Here are some natural remedies to cure a dry throat.

1. Green tea

Green tea is a type of remedy that has no side effects and helps in treatment of your dry throat. In green tea, add honey that suits your taste and sip slowly. The green tea elements and honey will moisten your throat and will offer a soothing effect overall.

2. Cold fluids

To keep your throat irritation free, boost the intake of cold substances. Like you can lick ice candies. You can also prepare one at your home that suits your taste.

3. Water

People who have enhanced problem of dry throat are suggested to have lots of water. The main motto is to lessen the dryness that leads to irritation in throat. You will be able to enjoy an irritation free winter.

4. Honey and lemon mixture

Squeeze lemon and add honey as well as lemon extract in a glass filled with warm water. This mixture acts as a therapy and is excellent to relax a dry throat.

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