7 Myths About Introverts

Myths About Introverts

Lips sealed, uptight and sitting in the corner sipping wine- that’s a stereotypical image of an introvert. Avoiding social contact and always looking scared and dumb, is how people define introverts. Here are 7 myths about introverts.

1. Don’t like to talk

They don’t make conversations, talk or interact with people. In fact they go to the extent of being misanthropic. However, that is not likely to be true. For all you know they just don’t prefer wasting time talking nonsense.

2. Think and sallow looking

Introverts wear glasses. They are like geeks but only dumb. They don’t want to be visible.

3. Dry sense of dressing

Introverts have a dry sense of dressing. They wear dull, pastel colors and conventionally dress in a “boring” manner. They are also not very interested in dressing up.

4. Lacking leadership qualities

They can’t lead or be in a situation where they are in charge. They even can’t occupy the center stage or convene a meeting and lead discussions. They are only comfortable taking orders.

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