7 Most Unusual Smartphone Apps

7 Most Unusual Smartphone Apps

Do you know about all the applications which are on play store and apple store? You might have all the popular and common apps on your phone. What about these apps which are unusual yet interesting? Learn about them right here.

1. Ilickit

Have you heard about this bizarre app? The application allows you to lick any food from the screen virtually. If you find something that you cannot resist, simply lick your screen and finish that off within seconds. How unusual can this app get? The application is quite popular with iPhone users.

2. Hello cow

This app takes you to another level of stupidity. There is a cow staring at you on your screen. When you touch or rather poke her, all she says is a moo. This unusual app is surely for women who are jobless or who are frustrated with life. Need we say more on this one!

3. Whiten your teeth

Do not worry about the yellow stains on your teeth. Say thanks to this unusual app which will bail you out of trouble in the picture. Take a picture and whiten your teeth perfectly with the help of this application. Do this with your friend’s picture also.

4. Ghost radar

This one also makes it to the list of most unusual apps. The ghost radar app detects the paranormal activities with the help of nearby electric magnetic field. Many users who downloaded the app have some interesting ghost stories to share. Are you game to download this app? The app can be freely downloaded from the play store.

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