7 Most Haunted Places in the World

7 Most Haunted Places In The World

Do you get scared of haunted places? Or are you fascinated by the history and existence of ghosts on earth. Well, there are many haunted places around the world, that give you that chill and spooky feeling. Listed below are some of the most haunted places ever.

1. The Tower of London

There are many spooky tales about this tower. Some people have spotted a lady standing in white clothes on the window of the tower. While others believe that there are two children in the tower who are often spotted with a terror look on their faces wearing a night gown. This sounds really scary! Are you game to visit this tower anytime soon?

2. Banff Springs Hotel in Canada

There are two stories associated with this hotel. A family was murdered in the room no 873, people in the hotel believe that the family is often seen in front of the hallway of the hotel. A bellman is often seen helping everyone in the hotel, when someone talks to him, he famously gets vanished from the scene. Oh! That is too spooky.

3. Changi Beach in Singapore

According to reports, thousands of Chinese soldiers were tortured and killed on this beach. Since then, there have been various paranormal activities on the beach. People have heard various screams and weeping on the beach. Some people have reported that they have seen headless bodies of soldiers on the beach. This looks really scary!

4. Monte Cristo in Australia

There have been all kinds of stories behind this mansion. Some people say that they have heard weird sounds from the place. While others believe that there is a spirit at the place who tries to kill people. If someone enters the place, they start feeling suffocated as if someone is trying to press them hard. That is too horrific a place, agree?

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