7 Most Common Lies Men Say While Dating

7 Most Common Lies Men Say While Dating

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According to the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, an average man lies three times more than a woman, which happens to be three times a day! Are you wondering whether the man you are dating lies to you that often? The below list of common lies might help you solve your dilemma!

1. “I have only had two pints of beer”

No matter how much the man has had to drink, he will never admit he is drunk. In fact, he will, in most likelihood, lie about the amount of alcohol he has had.

2. “I have left and am on the way”

If you are calling your partner to check where he has reached, it is likely that he will claim to be on the way. This, believe it or not is a very common lie! Also men commonly claim to be stuck in traffic as an excuse for being late, which is usually not true either!

3. “You are looking thin, have you lost weight?”

If he says that, he is just trying to get some brownie points; or he is trying to cheer you up because you had a fight a while ago. But the chances of him thinking you have actually lost weight are, in reality, quite low.

4. “Sorry I couldn’t call, I had no signal”

If he did not call you, he either forgot he had to or he was busy doing something else. The signal had absolutely nothing to do with it!

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