7 International Festivals You Must Attend at Least Once

7 International Festivals You Must Attend at Least Once

Women love the festive season for they get to dress up, look their best, dance, socialize and binge as much as they want. Why not broaden your horizon by tasting the culture and traditional festivals of other regions in the world that have a huge international appeal. These are the most popular internationally renowned festivals that take place, and are great places to have a blast with your gal pals.

1. Carnivale

Rio de Janeiro hosts the wildest, noisiest and most colorful festival in the world which is a non-stop song and dance fiesta. It is usually held at the beginning of the year, during February or March and surpasses the shine and sparkle of any New Year celebration on Earth. Samba dancers on humongous floats and numerous cheery, party parades define this fest.

2. Oktoberfest

Tipplers who wish to rake in a huge glass of cold beer, this festival is surely made for you. Also, known as the beer festival, this one is held every October in Germany and is packed with tourists from all over the world.

3. Pushkar

Pushkar is an exotic Indian festival that unfolds in the state of Rajasthan. For tourists who want to have a taste of Indian culture, this is the apt platform. It is mainly an animal fest wherein all types of livestock such as camel, sheep, cows, etc. are put on display for selling. Two other must-try festivals of India include Holi in March and Diwali in October or November, both of which can be experienced in their full gusto in northern and western India.

4. Burning Man

If you are a punk rock chick who likes what everyone doesn’t seem to like and abhor the commercial, mainstream stuff, then the alternative style festival of Nevada, USA, Burning Man is the one for you. Amazingly creative people come together in the middle of the Black Rock desert and exhibit their alternate works.

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