7 Interesting Things to Talk About on a First Date

7 Interesting Things to Talk About on a First Date

There are a number of things you would want to talk about on your first date. However, there is a criterion you should follow because often you could end up talking about things he is not comfortable with or that could jeopardize any chance of a possible relationship. There are many things you should not discuss on a first date. But then what should you talk about? Here is a list of interesting topics to talk about on your first date.

1. His siblings

You could ask him about his siblings – whether he has any or not. If he is an only child, you could ask him about his cousins and other relatives. It is an interesting topic and mostly a guy is comfortable discussing his relationship with his siblings. Of course, don’t show too much interest in his brother/s!

2. Favorite holiday destinations

You can talk about his and your favorite holiday destinations. You can share your experiences of holidaying. It is indeed an interesting and fun thing to talk about when on a first date. It can help you build a rapport more easily. You can also drop a hint where you would want to go on your honeymoon!

3. Favorite foods/drinks

Discuss what you guys like to eat. Talk about your favorite dishes and you will find that you both are recommending one restaurant after another where a particular dish is very tasty and that one must try out. You might also just decide upon your next meeting place in the process.

4. Career objectives

Another interesting topic would be career plans and objectives that both of you have. This is one topic both of you will be comfortable and passionate about discussing with each other. Ask him what he wants to be in a few years’ time and you will also get a picture as to how much dedicated and ambitious the guy you are dating is.

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